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Things to do with your girlfriend - Top 5 list

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Things to do With Your Girlfriend

things to do with your girlfriend - top 5 things to keep relationship fresh and positiveWant things to do with your girlfriend? As one of our students said, “It sucks.  Our time together is boring… like a Sunday night in Cleveland.  What should I do with my girlfriend?


We are relationship coaches who’ve been in dozens of relationships. We understand that relationships can get boring, and sometimes feel like a half-eaten cheese burger in the back of the fridge – well past its expiration. This is normal, and guys, sometimes it’s up to us to put a shot of adrenaline into the romance.  Here we go, top 5 PHENOMENAL things to do with your girlfriend…

Things to do with your girlfriend #1

Outside Activities

We are both originally from Michigan. Winters here can be as cold as a bitter old witch locked in an icebox, so summer time needs to be spent outside as much as possible. Even if you glance out of your window and see clouds of mosquitoes with a hard on, don’t let it deter you from the great outdoors.  There are plenty of things to do with your girlfriend outside of the house.

Go to a park.

things to do with your girlfriend - outside couple park outdoors nature fresh airWe bet there are a handful of parks within 20 minutes that you never knew existed. Unlike the latest NBC fall lineup, they don’t advertise on your local television. In fact, many of them are probably located off country roads. Grab your lady, a map, a light cooler and hit the road.

Once you find that park, throw a Frisbee around. Take photos together in flower beds, climbing trees, or licking strange bugs in search of exotic flavors (just kidding on that last one). Snuggle up under a large tree and steal a quick nap as the birds chirp away. Biking local trails is also an option.

If you really want to be ambitious, pack a full blown meal and have a romantic picnic. Just don’t forget the bug spray.  This is one of the best things to do with your girlfriend because women love surprises about 3 times more than men.

Don’t allow wildlife to go hungry.

Mother nature is one giant soup kitchen with plenty of ducks, squirrels, and bears craving some of your soon to go moldy food. Take your girlfriend out to a nearby pond and let the breadcrumbs roll.

Speaking of animals, the cute looking (and retched) animals at your local zoo love visitors to come say hello. Sure, some of them may look sad and dismal, but your donations help keep frozen food coming their way. Plus, you’ll realize that zoos can still be lots of fun, even if your hair is as gray as the porcupine you’re feeding.


Visit a national forest, mountain, or beach.

When you actually open your eyes, you’ll see all kinds of birds and sometimes other cool animals. Granted, you may feel a little safer with some of these creatures confined behind bars, but who doesn’t want to feel that excitement in their relationship?

Innovation: If she has dated tree-huggers in the past, nothing here will blow her away. Still, this beats sitting in front of a TV not communicating.
Potential: After a day under the sun, this might lead into a romantic supper at a favorite restaurant, or maybe a cozy nap in front of the fan. Even during a tornado, these alternatives are much better than drying her tears during some chick flick.

I recently saw a chick flick that was so bad I almost walked out… and I was in an airplane.  -Ma$e (author of The Journal book, a pickup artist training guide.)

Fun Factor: Depends how active you are. Just like with a container of Play-Doh, you can create your own fun.



Things to do with your girlfriend #2

Go play with strangers!

things to do with your girlfriend - watch sports have fun together dating tips not boringWhen you are looking for things to do with your girlfriend, look no further than your local sports lineup. The sport of choice shouldn’t really matter. Just being around a crowd of people that are hollering and energetic can make your goose bumps come up for air. There are tons of different places like this, but the primary places we recommend to visit would be:

Local little league games.

Nothing is cuter! You’re not a pedophile just because you’re watching little kids play sports. But if you start to enjoy more than just the sport, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!! : )

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Try Friday Night Fever

It hits thousands of local communities each week when high school football gets going. Of all high school sports, this is likely to have the biggest crowds, and the highest energy levels. If sports aren’t your scene, there’s a good chance a local school or college is hosting a play you can check out as well. For just a couple of dollars, you suddenly have a wealth of options.  If there was a Red Bull for relationships, this would be it.  So this is one of those things to do with your girlfriend that really pays off.

Oddly enough, another place couples may find smiles on their face is at a farmer’s market.

This is the one spot we’ve found where it’s ok to be knowledgeable around potatoes and kiwi. You’re supporting the local economy, getting a higher quality of food, and practicing great health.

Innovation: If you were still riding a school bus, your parents may not agree to play with strangers. But now that you’re adults, it’s time to go enjoy what the world has to offer. You never know who you’ll meet out there!
Potential: Great! Riding the wave of energy from a crowd of people is one of the best things a couple can do. If you’re comfortable enough to joke around with strangers, you’ll remind your girlfriend of how socially adept and fun you are – as if she had forgotten, right?
Fun Factor: This is just below those mechanical bulls that require quarters. Since there is so much excitement here for so a low entry fee, we highly recommend this at least a couple times per month.


 Things to do with your girlfriend #3

Chill chill (aka Chill Out)

things to do with your girlfriend - stay at home girlfriend advice and help with relationship helpThis phrase was coined by Ma$e while living in Thailand since so much of their culture is content relaxing at home. The things to do with your girlfriend don’t need to always involve moving at 88.8 miles per hour. Leave that to Marty and the Doc. Frankly, relaxing at home is often necessary after a long day at work, and being within each others company is often what doctors Money and Ma$e recommend for a healthy relationship. This doesn’t mean just flipping on the television and not talking. Instead, try some of these other ideas:

It’s not a bad idea to earmark a couple of nights each month for a his/her movie night.

Even if this is spontaneous, it can be fun to watch a favorite movie you both enjoy, or go make a donation to your local RedBox.

Get her off like she’s never done before.

You’ll never forget the look of excitement on her face when you pull this bad boy out of the box.  She’ll probably play it off in a cute way, she doesn’t need it because she has you, its a silly gift, yadda yadda, but the bottom line is she’ll scream so loud the neighbors will call the cops. AND if a woman cop shows up, she’ll ask to try it too. Better buy two!! This thing has amazing reviews.


Innovation: Chill but without the sweatshirt. Sometimes you’re both so beat you don’t want to leave the house. That’s okay!
Potential: Fair. You can do a lot of different things when you stay in, but you run the danger of wanting to always stay in. Make it a personal rule that you’ll only stay at home a few times a week.
Fun Factor: Just like a Lions football game, the fun factor will vary. Like anything else, this will be based off the effort you put into it.



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 Things to do with your girlfriend #4

With a Little Help from Your Friends

things to do with your girlfriend - play pool snooker good date ideas and spend time together aloneThe Beatles knew how important your friends can be in a relationship, and you should too. As we have described many times in our best selling book, your friends are essential to social proof. A truly successful relationship means that her friends like you, too; so it just makes sense to get them involved. Some of the things to do with your girlfriend and other friends include:

Get a Volleyball match going!

There are so many doors that open when two more friends enter the mix that you’ll feel like you just guessed the seven winning numbers of the latest mega millions drawing. Partner with your girlfriend and dominate that net!

Find a pool hall

and partner with your other half for a fight to the death.

Grab a Bite

Nothing says “I really planned this night” more than having a pre-purchased gift card straight from  One of the biggest complaints women make about men, is that they never plan anything, and this is also seen as “not caring” from her perspective.  Prove her wrong with one of these great options!

Innovation: Spending time with your friends and her friends adds another level of fun and should become a common theme. The innovation can be off of the chart!
Potential: High. For the drinkers out there, this gives you a chance to let loose and be silly – responsibly of course. Or you can play sports and talk trash to your friends. Whether you win or lose, this idea is a win.
Fun Factor: The only thing NOT fun about this is cleaning up after your messy friends! Hopefully you were smart and just ordered some pizza with paper plates. After a night of entertainment, you’re likely to sleep much better as well.


 Things to do with your girlfriend #5

Leave your comfort zone

things to do with your girlfriend - spend time together with girlfriend and boyfriendSometimes the best date ideas involve leaving your comfort zone and trying something new and refreshing. Things to do with your girlfriend shouldn’t always be predictable.  Learning new things makes you a better, well rounded person – in a MUCH different way than finishing a 12 inch pizza would.

Visit a TOTALLY random place.

Show off the artistic side that you’ve kept hidden since your Saturday morning cartoon days. Paint pots and various other ceramics that you can later proudly (or shamefully) display in your kitchen.

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Give to your community.  Together.

Are you guilty of giving only as much back to your community as your dog? Why not man up and help out the needy? There are lots of options for helping others, and among the things to do with your girlfriend; this may rank near the top. Check into helping at assisted living centers, where you might ask an elderly couple to relive how they met, or how they’ve stayed strong for so many years. Perhaps the man will finally confess that he’s been cheating all along? Other options might include helping at a community outing or a soup kitchen.

Take a Class

While many of us first heard of yoga from Dhalsim in the game Street Fighter, this exercise has only accelerated in popularity. Check out your local gym or Groupon’s for deals to take a class together. We can’t imagine that finding new ways to stretch your bodies will hurt your sex life. In fact, while you search for coupons, take a look at other ideas, such as dance lessons or cooking lessons (shown in the image).

Get Controversial

Want to know the truth about aliens and how the world will eventually end? Many communities have a local planetarium. As a bonus, once you leave, you’ll know what to pack in your survival kit – should that big asteroid ever strike!

Don’t be Afraid to Pry

There’s a great chance your girlfriend has a certain level of expertise that you lack. Set aside some time to learn from each other. Few things are as sexy and hearing a woman describe how to change oil.

Innovation: Apple might be jealous. You can do so much when you step outside of your comfort zone. In fact, one day you might be such a different person you’ll come home with a different name on your driver’s license.
Potential: Moderate. Your level of enjoyment may be dictated by the activity you choose. Ideally, you should both choose something you’ll enjoy and feel great about afterward.
Fun Factor: As long as you believe it’s better to give than it is to receive, you’ll be a hero at the community service centers (lose the cape, though).

Flirt in Public

No matter how long you’ve been together, you must flirt – especially in public. Grab her ass in a crowded elevator, give her a peck on the cheek, and hold her hand. You want to spend the rest of your life with this girl, right? Our downloadable book advocates finding the ideal match. Now that you have her, let the world know how excited you are!


things to do with your girlfriend - dating advice worlds best tips and dating coach help with relationship

BONUS – Surprise her!

Most women will be as happy about surprises as a desert traveler finding a cup of ice water with a wedge of lemon. So have something in the holster ready to go for the next time she has a bad day. Then make it seem spontaneous and take her somewhere she can leave all of her worries behind. Compliment her on things, such as a talent, quality, or how great she looks in a new outfit. Be a great guy. Make her friends envy your relationship!

Additionally, you might leave little notes in her pocket to let her know how much you care, or to share a favorite memory.

Remember that she is your equal and hopefully your world.

Bringing joy to her should ultimately propel the relationship positively forward.

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